Template Manager Released

We are pleased to announce Template Managers official release.

Today we Announce the release of Template Manager and we hope that you all enjoy the powerful features it brings.

So, what is TM?

TM (Template Manager) is a powerful listing manager that allows users to easily export all their listing to use with eBay's listing service, we have all been made aware of eBay's HTML policy change regarding Active Content, well with TM you will never have this worry again.

What makes this so different form other online services?

Well the answer is simple, cost, we have opted to build this for free use and anyone can register and take advantage of it, the way our system works is that the cost is near 0, we have our upkeep but we hope to have a few donations from our community, of course we can never tell what might happen in the future.

You mention Donations?

Yes, we are free service but our server cost and time supporting time need some finances, we will try to cover as much as this as possible as our passions is making things people use. We only ask you donate should you feel that you would like to.

Can i use my own template i made or purchased?

Of course, the whole idea of TM is that you, the user can upload your own made or paid template, this means all the code is yours and you know what to expect in the listing.

Is there any free templates you have?

Regarding templates, we will look to make some for free also, a category section will be set for these templates so that us and our members can post them, this will be a big part of our community and hope we see some really cool templates.

Where can we sign up?

Signups can be done here, registrations will only take a few minutes to complete, no payment information is required.

We would also like to say a big thank you to Andy from wiledia.com, with his kind help we got over some tricky obstacles.

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